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#It’s More Than Clothing

Clothing is a necessity. But it becomes more than that with each bit of color, cut, texture, and shape. Our closets are filled with memories on hangers and we dream of the future and what we will be wearing. What we wear changes how we feel. Miss Sassypants is rolling out the new campaign #itsmorethanclothing with different aspects to serve the greater good through community, sustainability and service.

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Be inspired and connected

The COMMUNITY component of #ItsMoreThanClothing is a platform for you share some of your unique stories to strengthen the community and guide each other toward finding expression and confidence. This is an opportunity for you to share how fashion has impacted you. Submit a response in the form below.


Upcycle and Recycle

The SUSTAINABILITY component of #ItsMoreThanClothing is to repurpose our clothing and festival outfits, giving our favorite beloved pieces a new life through upcycling! ~ More Soon!


Support Those Who Need Extra Love

The SERVICE component of #ItsMoreThanClothing is to help nonprofits through volunteering and donating ~ More Soon!