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FALL 2018


She moves to the beat with grace and can’t be tamed. Leader of the pack, a powerful force to be reckoned with.  A killer, a survivor, and an intelligent beast – she will never go unnoticed. She is a WildThing.


A funky lady with untouchable dance moves, she’s calling for all eyes on her with the wildest of colorful looks.


Neutral tones, psychedelic prints, textures, total flow designs – The forest nymph and natural beauty, she loves to frolic and feel Earth between her toes.


The fantastical sky fairy filled with sweetness and a little girl at heart. Soft pastel vibes and no such thing as too much glitter!


Dark colors, blacks with pops of color ~ tight fits, for major movement and harsh durability – She’s got a mysterious look in her eye, a rebel heart, and can’t wait to unleash the beast at the nearest Bass stage.