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The COMMUNITY component of #ItsMoreThanClothing is a platform for you share some of your unique stories to strengthen the community and guide each other toward finding expression and confidence. This is an opportunity for you to share how fashion has impacted you. Submit a response in the form below.

“Having a strong sense personal style helps express so many layers of your personality that are often left unsaid. I think it’s a way of showcasing the most unique parts of a person that allows for individuality and promotes confidence.”

– Hibah (AZ)

  • “Love yourself, pick out clothes according to how they make YOU feel. If you feel good, wear it LOUD and PROUD” – Domenique (FL)
  • “Wear what makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter what others think, because the way you style yourself is for you- to express who you are and give YOU confidence!” – Hibah (AZ)
  • “Dress up activate(s) the playful nature in everyone, when the playful nature comes out you transcend into a creative flow state… this state is source energy.. aka God energy.. when you dress up you are tap into God energy.” – Nikki (CA)

“I felt perfect in these moments. feminine and free.”

– Nikki (CA)

“The power of dress up is expressing yourself without fear. When we put on something we love, or find ourselves attractive in. We tap into our inner being, and radiate the self love deep within. Fashion isn’t just looking good and being eccentric, it makes us feel good. It gives us drive, I’m way more willing to get sh*t done looking like a bad b*tch than if I were wearing a bra and sweatpants!”

– Domenique (FL) @theplurprincess

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