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colorful ~ loud ~ confident ~ silly ~ sweet ~ sour ~ groovy ~ stylish ~ funky ~ butterfly ~ growing ~ strong ~ bossy ~ intellect ~ change maker ~ parti animal ~ power house ~

Miss Sassypants is my creation supporting freedom and self empowerment. We all deserve to feel confident in our own skin. As we grow older, that child-like playfulness fades… But we are creative, playful, limitless beings. Alternative fashion within the festival scene is something I have found as a way to truly express myself. I want all of you to feel like the completely unique and powerful humans you are.

Ravers and Festival dwellers each tell a different story and we come together to dance for hours on end and share our art. 

Miss Sassypants is a concept of love and free self expression through dress up.

Every collection Miss Sassypants releases keeps movement, comfort, and durability in mind since festivals are a marathon not a race! Each item is made to order, made with purpose.

Dazzle the world and love yourself in MISS SASSYPANTS !

Ariel Sassypants